For many just the word “Aruba” is incentive enough to get them packing in seconds. But if you’ve never had the chance to visit that little slice of heaven in the Caribbean it can be difficult to imagine why it would cause that reaction.

In the end, it’s not just one reason, but the sum of every amazing thing you’ll see from the moment you take your first step in Aruba.


The beaches

This wouldn’t be a very good list without Aruba’s amazing beaches. It’s for good reason that they’re known as the best and most beautiful beaches of the world. The true tropical experience begins when you first touch their soft sands, and their small waves make them the perfect spot for a day out with the family. Luckily for you, our villa is only 2km away from Palm Beach!


The weather

In Aruba it’s always summer! Doesn’t matter when you arrive, you’ll always enjoy a warm and predictable weather. So it’s always a good day to get a tan!


Comfortable trip

Travelling can be very uncomfortable, especially for children and older adults. You’ll be glad to hear that several airports offer a direct trip to the island. In just a few hours you’ll find yourself in Aruba, ready to make new and wonderful memories.


Colorful urban life

Aruba is more than just beaches and caves: It also has a colorful and lively urban side. Oranjestad, its capital, is famous for its Dutch architecture, a remnant of Colonial times. The Main Street and Main Square areas, even the civil records in Wilhelminastraat, are tourist hotspots as popular as they are perfect for a good photo shoot.


Natural paradise

On top of its beaches, Aruba gives you the opportunity to explore a beautiful natural world, with its diverse flora and fauna. It’s the perfect chance to see up close species of animals and plants that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. And for those travelers with an adventurous streak Aruba offers them easy access to its rock formation and cave systems that play an important part in the island’s history.