This is one of those questions you never really ask yourself because you know there’s no easy answer. From the sound of the waves, to the coolness of the water, and the hot sun and unquantifiable opportunities unlocked by just visiting the beach, there’s plenty of reasons to choose from.


And we’re here to give you five:

You sleep better.
Whether you visit for an hour or a day, haven’t you ever gotten the best sleep of your life after a dip in the water? A good night’s sleep is just one of the many pros.

It’s good for the body.
Being in the water provides your body with the ideal environment to strengthen the muscles with far less strain and effort on their part, compared to the work they’d have to do on dry land. Moreover, swimming exercises several muscle groups without the strain of high impact sports.

Who needs clothes?
At the beach all you need is your swimsuit and, if you like, a pair of sandals. Forget about the look of the day, just get comfortable and enjoy the water!

Forget the whole world.
When you’re at the edge of the sea, enjoying the water and the soothing sound of the waves crashing on the shore it’s hard to imagine there’s a world out there where you have responsibilities.

Still need convincing?
Including all the benefits to your physical health, mental state and all the fun activities you can only do at the beach, you’ve got enough reasons to disappear off to the nearest tropical paradise of your preference. What are you waiting for?