For some, seeing a view you can only find in certain parts of the world, trying out new and exotic foods, or even just taking a car trip to a nearby town isn’t worth it if they don’t have anyone to share it with.

If you’re the kind of person who finds enjoyment in traveling only if you know your family is right there beside you, you know how complicated the actual “traveling” bit can be. Especially if you brought your children with you, poor planning can really take the fun out of your holiday.

If you’re worried your next vacation might be ruined because of this, here are a few tips you might want to consider:

Read up on your destination: What if you picked the perfect destination, with everything you want to see and do in a family holiday… But when you get there, you find out the roads and/or sidewalks aren’t stroller-friendly? Even if your kids don’t need a stroller anymore, it’s important to know what you’re getting into before you drag your kids off with you, possibly somewhere they won’t be comfortable.

Do your research: You don’t want to arrive at your preferred hotel without reservations and find out they don’t have accommodations for children or toddlers, or the only rooms available don’t have enough space for the whole family. Also, look up services in the area that rent equipment like strollers and the like, so you won’t have to carry that from destination to destination. It pays off to be well prepared, especially when it comes to kids.

Plan your flight: If you’re going on a car trip you have a lot more freedom in when and where you stop, which makes it easy to accommodate to your children’s needs. If you’re flying, however, it’s a bit trickier. If possible, pick flights that won’t make stops to refuel, or that require you to board another plane halfway through only to sit through several more hours of flying. Your kids will appreciate it, and so will you.

Pace yourself: Your kids don’t have the same energy you do! You may be able to walk around for hours snapping pictures and taking in the sights, but they’re going to get tired, bored or cranky pretty quickly. To avoid unpleasant situations, plan the trips and activities according to your youngest one’s needs.

Entertainment: Kids get bored very quickly, which makes them restless, and that makes them cranky, and that makes you cranky. Nobody wants that on a trip that should be fun. Plan for entertainment beforehand to avoid uncomfortable situations. Games, movies, shows, toys. Whatever you think they’ll need, pack it.

Travel insurance: If you were traveling alone or as a couple you might think you’re careful enough not to need it. And that’s fine! But with kids, it’s best if you leave nothing to chance. Food allergies, accidents and other such nasty events might occur while you’re away from home, and it’s best to have a contingency plan in place just in case.

The more informed you are, the more fun you’ll have on your trip. A comfortable environment is the key when you’re out on vacation after all.

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