Costa Esmeralda Village

Costa Esmeralda is a family-owned Villa in the tropical Island of Aruba.

Embraced by the Caribbean winds, daily warmed by the gentle sun. Starting from the gardens that elevate from the entrance to our yard, passing by the unique atmosphere that only singing birds can tether.

Our gardens, decorated with palm trees and lush vegetation, will make you feel like you are in a Caribbean oasis.

Since 2015 we have been working in order to make this little place a space where people from around all the world can call home. Refreshing, comfortable and endearing, we are a beautiful Villa where our guests can enjoy.

The villa consists of different accommodations, such as, single rooms, apartments and houses. From side to side, with 2 swimming pools and a barbecue area for you to use.

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Our goal for a lodging is a place where every single guest matter. A place from which start and end every new journey. Our search for service is search for a life itself. Tether experiences for people and hopefully edify memories and learning at their own time. We try to connect with everybody we meet.

Your home in Palm Beach, Aruba

Palm Beach at your step, our exceptional location in the area of Noord will allow you to enjoy beaches, malls and a variety of dining options and the High Rise Area of the island of Aruba.

Experiences that build up your travel, our surroundings are as rich as they can be: We are next to Papiamento Restaurant, a local cuisine gem with more than 20 proven years. We are close to Island Yoga, the renown studio where you practice Yoga with the most friendly and peaceful environment.


Either hosting Yoga Retreats, or Corporate’s. Costa Esmeralda is an idyllic place to shelter. From fiery adventurers to yogis. Relax and enjoy, we welcome everybody and try to give them best we can offer.

Visits that you can’t miss if you are in Aruba.

Palm Beach is 1.7 kilometer from our facilities and even though we are so close to centric locations, we strongly recommend renting a car to visit Oranjestad, Eagle Beach, Arashi Beach, California Lighthouse and Baby Beach. It will be pleasure to recommend you these magic spots.

We open our doors for you who are wandering, adventuring and resting. We are the ideal choice for families, adventurers and groups of friends looking to feel at home.

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Come and enjoy the best kept secret in Aruba.